Monday, July 18, 2011

Shooting and Sipping; in the wrong order

Good beer, shooting sports, explosions. When I saw a link to this video from Flying Dog Brewery I was intrigued. At first. However, my interest soon turned to disappointment. Before I explain, watch:

A bunch of guys going out to shoot. We're good so far. I can't say I agree with the waste of the beer, but it's their beer to do with as they wish. However, there's a proper order to these things. At the end of the video, one of the participants takes a final shot at the exploding target, AFTER he's apparently had a drink. Once any of the guys in the group had anything to drink, there shouldn't be any shooting.

Flying Dog may be one of my favorite breweries, and shooting may be my favorite sport, but I don't agree with the activities as promoted here.


  1. Agreed, sir. It's pretty much an understood rule at any shooting facility (indoor range, trap house, shooting sports, etc). I'm sure one drink (if it WAS one) won't effect much, but it is going against a pretty strong social more in the shooting world. Not allowed.

  2. Agreed!
    Back in the day, we all (my gunnie friends and I) agreed that the beer wasn't opened until the firearms were stored.
    Never had a complaint or an issue.
    We still do this in this manner, 40 years later!


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