Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lunch Time: Range Time

I generally eat lunch at my desk. But occasionally I give my laptop a break from sandwich crumbs and head over to the pistol range for a quick bit of stress release during lunch. Earlier this week I had plans to do just that. But as luck would have it, the forecast was for rain. And in fact, it started raining as I was loading the car. Does that mean the plans are off? Pshaw! One thing we say around here is "It's not always going to be a sunny day."

The truth be told, this rain was nothing. I've been at the range in torrential downpours, and in snow as well. The three of us in our group spent about an hour in the drizzle enjoying ourselves with various shooting exercises. Point shooting at close range, mozambique drills, and strong hand - weak hand transitions, and even some precision shots at distance. It all made for a fun afternoon, despite the cool rain.

I noticed when we arrived that some previous shooters had failed to pick up their spent brass. That meant we'd have to spend some extra time afterwards picking up — we don't leave our mess for others to clean up. Of course, that means I'll have a little extra used brass to exchange this winter. But still, one would hope that club members would be a bit more responsible.

In any case, 90 minutes later (okay, it was a long lunch) I was back at my desk. Back to the grind, but refreshed having enjoyed a nice diversion from the work day. Some days it's good to be me!

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