Saturday, November 12, 2011

They're Watching

It's always fun to peruse the Musings logs. It's interesting to see how folks find the blog, where they come from, and what they read. Some of the most interesting log stats are the data on organizations that visit.

The other day I noticed visits from The Bureau of National Affairs. I wasn't familiar with this organization so I did some research. The BNA describes itself as "A recognized leader in the professional markets that rely on solid, unbiased, nonpartisan, and sometimes highly specialized information." Interestingly, in August of this year The Bureau of National Affairs was acquired by Bloomberg L.P..

Bloomberg L.P. is controlled by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York. Mayor Bloomberg is the man, and money, behind Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Despite their name, the goal of MAIG to take away the 2nd Amendment rights to all Americans, excepting the political elite. It's quite the group of hypocrites. It seems these molesters of the Constitution keep getting arrested for criminal activity. The group even counts dead people among their claimed supporters. These people who have appointed themselves the interpreters of your rights have been shown to be very lacking in integrity.

And what blog post was our Bloomberg visitor interested in? I'm glad you asked. It was this one about 2nd Amendment rights: "...shall not be infringed".

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