Monday, December 10, 2012

Because it was raining ...

... the range was available. I hadn't planned on making it to the range this weekend. Between two swim meets and other obligations, just getting in my hour of dry fire was going to be tight. Sunday morning I listened to Steve Anderson's daily podcast and he was talking about a match being cancelled due to rain. I've shot a few matches in the rain, but nothing horribly unpleasant. I have however, practiced in torrential rain and even heavy snow. Inclement weather seldom stops us when we have an opportunity to shoot. Steve's remarks got me thinking — if it's raining, chances are no one is going to be out at the range. And it was raining most of the day on Sunday! So I adjusted my plans, and after first doing my dry fire practice session, I got over to the range for a short time just before sunset. I was right, I had the place to myself.

Since there was only a short window of time, I set up just one USPSA target at 21 feet, that's Drill #1 in Refinement and Repetition. I've been consistently hitting a .7 second draw on this drill in dry fire, but was curious to see how that translated live fire. That would be the real test to see how much the dry fire was helping.

Finally getting to try the same drill in live fire was enlightening. After getting warmed up I was consistently getting times of 1.02-1.06 seconds. By the end of my 100 round session I had managed a .99 three times in a row, and even got one off in .96. 

Before I knew it, the sun was getting low and the range was getting dark. One benefit of doing the same drill over and over from the same spot is that all my brass is lying in the same area. It's easy to pick up in the fading light.

Getting to the range is always fun, and when I shoot well and validate the time I've spent in practice, it's even better. I can't match that performance every draw (YET) but considering I rarely got under 2 seconds a month ago, I'm very, very happy with those times. But, no time to celebrate, there's more work to be done.

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