Friday, December 28, 2012

Relaxing Over Old Beer

We enjoyed our second Christmas celebration Thursday with a Checkered Flag who was visiting for the day. The day began with a hearty brunch of Scotch Eggs, Scottish Baps with Bacon, "Chips" and Baked Beans. After the gift exchange we enjoyed an afternoon of fun conversation listening to seasonal music. Once we decided we wouldn't be hitting the range it was time for beer.

Our friend had read the Mad Elf post and remarked "That sounded good." So for him I grabbed a bottle of that from the cellar. "Look, the bottle is even properly dust covered." For Colleen, I poured a 2009 Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. We are in the Octave of Christmas after all. There can hardly be a better reason to celebrate.

I had just read a news release about this year's batch of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot arriving in the stores and was tempted to grab an old bottle of that favorite for myself. Instead, I selected a "fresh" beer; Starr Hill Northern Lights IPA. Not aged, but one (or two) I enjoyed immensely. Even though this time I didn't enjoy an older beer myself, I was happy to share the joy of some special beers with others.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been enjoying pulling out special beers we had set aside. There was a time I hesitated to finally open an "old" beer, but beer is meant to be enjoyed. And it's not like I'm not continually replenishing the cellar anyway.

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