Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Drinking With The Irish Again

At the end of a day of meetings I got to enjoy some time in the hotel pub sharing a few pints with some coworkers. I had actually intended to leave for home right after the meetings, but when an Irishman invites you to the pub, one can hardly refuse! I sat down in front of the tap handles and saw they had DC Brau The Corruption on draft.

The Corruption is a very tasty West Coast-style IPA. The malt base is balanced by strong citrus hops. It ha a very full flavor citrus flavors, but did not overpower the taste buds. As we sat and munched on the spicy bar snacks I was reminded again just how well hoppy beers go with spicy food. We were soon joined by a new employee, also from Ireland, so another round was called for. It was interesting that these two Irishmen were very much enjoying the Yuengling and Sam Adams lagers.

Eventually it became obvious I wasn't going to be hitting I-95 South anytime soon, so we adjourned for a great steak dinner and more jovial conversation. It was fun to share stories from our recent trip and also have a bit of familiarity with some of my coworkers' hometowns.

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