Tuesday, March 26, 2013

About That Ammo Shortage

I'm long overdue for some range time. Between a busy schedule and inclement weather, the opportunity for live fire practice has been nonexistent. However, Sunday afternoon I found time to load up the car and head over to the range. Despite Spring "officially" arriving, it was cold outside. A rain and snow storm was approaching, and there's a widely reported ammunition shortage, so there would be no problem getting on a range. Right? Wrong!

As pulled up to the gate I heard rapid fire of something large caliber coming from the rifle range. In addition I could see several cars at one of the pistol bays. Okay, I thought, looks like I'll use the small, and often muddy, pistol bay. No sooner did I unlock the gate when I heard the crack of a .22 from that range. Pulling through the gate I could see a bunch of cars parked at this bay as well. I drove through the park and saw the waiting lines at each bay and came to the disappointing conclusion that there would be no shooting for me today. Interestingly, there was no one using the shotgun range, despite shotgun ammo being in plentiful supply. (Note to self; always pack the shotgun heading to the range.) As I exited the gate, there was a long line of cars still streaming in.

I've been answering a lot of questions recently regarding ammo sources and availability. Fortunately I've had fair success in finding reasonably priced pistol ammunition, and in building my stock. Nonetheless, I was still shocked by range attendance on Sunday.

In summary,
It was quite cool outside.
A rain and snow storm was approaching.
There's that widely reported ammunition scarcity.
And still the ranges were filled beyond capacity.

It just goes to show, those who desire to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights are a dedicated, and resourceful, lot.


  1. Not to mention some concern as to why DHS needs a gazillion hollow points and a bunch of new tanks.


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