Thursday, March 21, 2013

Birthday Freebies

Today marks another milepost on the road of life; 55 years under my belt. Having a birthday that falls during Lent tends to put a damper on the celebrations, but at least this year the day doesn't fall on Good Friday. But it's still a "school night" nonetheless.

It's been interesting to note, and enjoy, the birthday deals that so many businesses offer. That's certainly a plus from the proliferation of social media. I've got a free coffee of my choice coming from Starbucks. I think I'll take advantage of that today, and get some large, overly-complex drink with extra caffeine and flavoring. I've already enjoyed the free dinner entrée offered by Park Lane Tavern.

I didn't claim my free birthday burger during a recent visit to Red Robin, but there's still time for a return visit. I wonder if sitting through the birthday song and dance routine is required. Mad Fox Brewing Company also sent a coupon for a free dessert. Unfortunately it arrived just after our recent visit.

The non-food companies get into the act as well. MidwayUSA sent an email alerting me to "special Birthday Pricing on nearly every product" in the online store. That one expires today, so I better check it out to see if there are any shooting supplies I simply must have. ;-)

Not all the offers are as welcome though. One annoyance is the latest rash of mailings from the leftist, pro-obummercare, and anti-Constitution AARP. The contents of their mailing went right into their postage paid envelope, and was returned to them at their expense. Of course, the mild satisfaction I get from that action is a gift in itself.

Oh yea, the next time I register for a USPSA match, I'll be checking the "Senior" box on the form. I'm not sure what that gains me, but it's mine to choose now. Speaking of shooting, maybe I'll hit the range and use up a few rounds of precious metals today.

At the end of the day, if I stay awake long enough, I'll enjoy a good beer and read a bit. Today's not so different from any other day really.


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