Friday, June 13, 2014

Bloodline Blood Orange IPA

Along with Flying Dog Easy IPA, Bloodline Blood Orange IPA is a formerly limited release beer that has now graduated to a full-time member of the brewery's lineup. Unlike the almost sessionable Easy IPA, reviewed here, Bloodline is a full-on hoppy, big IPA.

Flying Dog Bloodline Blood Orange IPA was originally created for the Washington, DC Brewers Craft Brewers Conference in 2013. It became available full time, on draft, in April of this year and in six packs in June. In what was perfect timing, Colleen visited a local beer shop last week, just in time to pick up the only six pack left on the shelf. (Ironically, she was there in search of the still elusive Flying Dog Dead Rise OLD Bay Summer Ale.)

Bloodline Blood Orange IPA pours a clear amber color with an off-white head. A persistent and sticky lacing is left behind in the glass. The enticing aroma is citrus and fruity, which is an accurate summation of the flavor as well. The orange citrus flavors are fresh and "juicy" with just a hint of bitterness. In fact, I was struck by just how un-bitter the citrus profile was in the beer. The finish is dry. Despite an ABV of 7%, it's a fairly light-bodied beer.

Like the English band so good they had to name it twice, Flying Dog Bloodline Blood Orange IPA has a bit of a redundant name. But fortunately the beer lives up the extra effort required to order it. We don't often manage to bring home a new beer so soon after it's made available, but the finding of this IPA was a tasty happenstance.


  1. Man, I'd like to try that. The only thing orangy I can get around here is Leinenkugel Orange Shandy, which is sort of like Bud mixed with Tang.

    1. This one seems to be more available than Dead Rise.


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