Thursday, April 9, 2015

Leftist Hate and Hypocrisy Towards Christianity

As Christians celebrate the holiest of all liturgical times, the Octave of Easter, I'm left pondering the ongoing, and increasing, persecution and prejudice thrown at Christians by the left, the likes of which we have not experienced in years, if not centuries. As I reflect on the Roman "police state" under which our Lord lived and died, I shudder to think how close we are to facing the same situation again. So many in our country today, led by a pompous cheerleader in the White House, wage an ongoing war against faithful Christians.

It's not only islamic persecution that Christians face today. An even more immediate threat in the United States is an ever increasingly emboldened and violent left that is threatening our religious freedoms while promoting their warped version of "tolerance." Tolerance to the left means accepting only those who profess allegiance to the same immorality du jour they currently champion. In recent weeks we saw a Christian-owned pizza shop attacked for nothing more than expressing their privately held beliefs. More correctly, they were attacked because a leftist reporter lied and distorted their stand. The violent nature of the leftists, especially the LGBT mafia, was further illustrated when a public school teacher threatened to burn down the family's business. The vitriol and hatred directed at Christians by the "inclusive" left is hardly distinguishable from what we hear spewing from islamists around the world.

Recently another sodomite group demanded that Christian churches which do not promote homosexuality be shut down. Seemingly ignorant of their own hypocrisy, the group made no statement on mosques where the killing of gay men and women is preached. Even at an Easter breakfast, the idiot-in-chief couldn't resist a jab at Christianity, while remaining silent on the ongoing genocide perpetrated by faithful moslems, most recently in Kenya. We've also heard sniveling from the head of Apple condemning religious freedom laws in the US. All the while his company profits by opening stores in Saudi Arabia, where the killing of gays, along with the oppression of women and Christians, is a hallmark of the legal system.

One does not have to look long on social media to see the increasing frequent and violent threats perpetrated against Christians. I find it ironic that the two biggest threats to Christianity today, adherents of islam and promotors of the homosexual agenda, could not actually "coexist" outside of a tolerant Christian society.

At Easter, we are reminded that good has already triumphed over evil. When our Lord rose from the dead, He conquered Satan. We may not yet fully enjoy the results of His triumph, but we know the real war has already been won. Those who would attack us today, while they may win a skirmish here and there, are actually no more than the last, and desperate, remnants of Satan's defeated army.

The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.
― St. Augustine


  1. The only thing a liberal hates more than diversity, choice, and tolerance is Christianity.

    1. Ironic isn't it? And they are blind to their own hypocrisy.


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