Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blog Linkage Updates

I've been doing some cleanup on the links tabs at the top of the Musings. There are now just two link tabs, each with long lists of interesting links. I've also removed numerous links to blogs that are sadly no longer active. If a blog hasn't been updated in over two years, I won't waste your time directing you to it. Unfortunately there were a lot of dead links among the beer blogs especially.

The Craft Beer & Food tab focuses on just that. There's a subsection for local places to eat and drink good beer, a larger Virginia-related section, and a longer general beer blog listing. Most of the recent updates to this tab have been in the list of Virginia breweries.

The Shooting, Freedom & Faith tab has lots of interesting links for further reading on those subjects. Again, the first subsection has links to local clubs and matches. There's also a large general list of shooting and freedom-related links, followed by some specific sections devoted to politics and faith.

I've been neglectful in pointing out new additions to the links as I add them, and plan to get back to that going forward. Here are a few links that have been added in recent weeks.

Midwestern Rebel
"Sharp words, ideas and commentary on life politics, family and overall preparedness"

Peace or Freedom
"Just your average GI pissed off at watching the Left destroy the country he's sworn to protect."

The Last Tradition
"A blog of Politics, News, Crime, and Culture from a Conservative POV"

If you write a blog that might be of interest to readers of these Musings and wish to add reciprocal links, let me know and we'll make that happen.


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