Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mass, Brass, and Beer

It was a pretty good Sunday for a Catholic beer and shooting enthusiast. The day started, as it should with Holy Mass. Though it was overcast in the morning, by the time Mass ended the sun was shining and the temperature had hit 60°, which was remarkable for January.

I quickly loaded up the car and made an unplanned trip to the range. Despite the exceptional weather, I got in before the crowds showed up. The fun of spending an hour shooting wasn't dampened by standing in, and retrieving brass from, an inch of water from overnight rains.

After that it was a quick lunch and a trip to the grocery store for supplies. The rest of the day was spent feet up, reading and watching football good beer in hand. The beer I enjoyed, Devils Backbone Eight Point IPA, coincidently was gift from a fellow Catholic shooting enthusiast.

Yea, a pretty good Sunday indeed.


  1. 8 point is good. 16 point is just as good.

    1. I still have not had the 16 Point. I expect I won't be disappointed when I do.


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