Sunday, January 31, 2016

Virginia vs. Alaska

Prior to the start of the snow from winter storm Jonas last weekend, we received a notice from the range where we shoot...
A reminder for all that the Chapter grounds are to be closed to member access at noon today.  This will coincide with the arrival of the forecasted snowfall that is to continue through Sunday morning. This closing might have to continue thru several days into next week until temperatures & melting snow allow safe use of the grounds in any way.
A post-storm update noted...
The front entrance road to the Chapter is solidly blocked by about a 3 foot ridge of snow left by the snow plow. The Chapter has no means to remove this block in order to access the property so we know it will be there for another week at least.
This evening I was reading the Way Up North blog where Rev. Paul was describing a recent trip to his local range. He commented on the winter requirements imposed there...
The range had sent an e-mail to all its members, warning that ice cleats on footwear is mandatory. When we arrived, we could see why: all the precip had melted and refrozen several times, so that the entire grounds - roads, walkways, and ranges - was covered under two inches of nearly-transparent ice.
Hopefully we'll be able to use the local ranges in the coming weeks.

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