Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Another Run at the IPDA Classifier

Most people don't do "tests" for fun, but I opted to shoot the IDPA Classifier at Rivanna last weekend. Since I had just participated in the West Virginia State IDPA match a couple weeks ago, and that counts towards the yearly classification requirement, I was shooting for my own personal challenge (and enjoyment.) I always manage to miss at least one head shot in the Classifier. Like many folks, I also tend to drop a lot of points on the 20 yard barricade stage. I hoped to make some improvements in both those areas.

I've been doing a lot of dry fire practice recently, especially focusing on strong and support hand only shooting, and I think it's paying off. The first of the three stages went quite well; including making all nine required head shots. The second stage went well too. Loading my mags for the final stage, I could feel my adrenalin ramping up, I was getting excited about a good Classifier. Stay calm I told myself. Deep breaths.

As I shot the final stage, with the 20 yard shots around the barricade, I kept reminding myself to concentrate on the upper target area as I tend to shoot low on this stage. Unfortunately I still had one miss, and had too many hits off to the left or right of the -0 area. In review, it was obvious I simply shot too fast. 

It was bit of a let down to not improve markedly on the barricade strings, though I was happy to meet one of my two goals for the morning. Despite the poor shooting on the final stage, it was still my best Classifier to date. Little steps I guess.

My main reason for shooting the Classifier was to test myself and to identify those areas where I need to focus my practice. Unless I am continually striving to improve, I'm just wasting time, and ammo. Frustrations aside, it was a beautiful morning to be out shooting, and that's always a good thing.

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