Monday, June 20, 2016

Changes at Spencer Devon Brewing

Last week, Spencer Devon Brewing announced an upcoming, and major, staff change at the Fredericksburg brewpub.
Legume is coming to downtown Fredericksburg and is going to support our vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian friends; which is awesome.

What isn't awesome for us is that they are getting the best executive chef currently working in downtown Fredericksburg by taking Justin Cunningham from our family.
Justin has been with me from the beginning and I certainly will miss him, but I know he struggled with this decision and made it only after much consideration for what is best for his family, his career and his craft.

I, for one, look forward to trying his new food and will support him in any way I can.

As for us, we still have him for a few weeks and will be searching for a replacement who can maintain our relationships with our farmers, use direct from farmer purchased ingredients in the menu, and provide for our customers the best food in Fredericksburg.

Chef Cunningham has provided an interesting and unique food menu at Spencer Devon since they opened. We've enjoyed trying the interesting entrees and appetizers that have been offered, though we did at times wish for more simple foods to accompany the beer.

Best wishes to Justin in his new venture, and to Spencer Devon in finding a worthy new chef to replace him. We look forward to enjoying even more great food, with great beer, in the future. (And still hold hope for more pub grub-style offerings.)

Legume is a new vegetarian restaurant opening this fall in Fredericksburg.

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