Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Indoor Range Trip

Now that the outdoor range is following summer hours, I haven’t even needed to hit the indoor range for practice in a couple of months. While I prefer shooting outdoors, it didn’t look like my schedule this week would allow for that, so a quick trip to the indoor range was called for.

This week I went a bit later in the day than usual and was pleasantly surprised to find just two other shooters present, and they seemed to be shooting at a conservative, controlled pace. (I make a point to observe for a few minutes before I get set up.) I stuck an IDPA target at 10 yards and went through 50 rounds, shooting in strings of one to four shots, concentrating on watching the movement of the front sight during recoil.

For the next 50 shots, I used splatter targets at 7 yards and concentrated on slow, aimed fire. I like the splatter targets in the dimly lit range mainly for the bright orange aiming area, more than the extra visibility of the hits.

As is typical, it was a short visit. I purposefully pack only 100 rounds when I go to the indoor range during the work day. Otherwise I’d never make it back to the office in a timely manner. Despite the short session, the practice was beneficial, and quite enjoyable. (I know I call it "practice" but it's really about the fun, and getting away from my desk for a bit.)

During the winter, the temperature inside the range varies little from the temperature outside. And the same applies during the summer, although there was certainly more breeze outdoors. That’s something I’ll keep in mind  if  when I visit mid-summer.

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