Thursday, August 18, 2016

60,000 Rounds And A New Barrel

While I have several pistols that I shoot, and carry, regularly, my SIG Sauer P226 E2 is by far my favorite. Since I purchased it in 2010, I've put somewhere around 60,000 rounds through it. It's had several sets of new springs put in, but other than a new guide rod, it's still original equipment. Lately I've been thinking about replacing the barrel. The gun still shoots more accurately than I do, but I figured I wouldn't wait until there's a serious problem.

I opted for a factory replacement from SIG Sauer. After looking at the online store, I called the shop to ask a couple questions. The guy on the phone was friendly and very helpful. After I thanked him for the info he offered to get me a better price than what was posted online, so I ordered right then and there; for 15% off!

The barrel dropped right in and I ran over to the range to put 100 error-free rounds through it — and it still shoots more accurately than me. I was also struck how different the gun looks with a black barrel rather than a worn silver one. As long as the slide and frame continue to hold out, I expect to continue shooting this gun for a long time.


  1. Snap a picture of the rifling just for posterity if you can.

    I picked up a Swiss police P226 for cheap thinking that cop guns are never shot much. Oops.

    It was shot so much the rifling could only be identified as slightly raised rounded spiral lines in the bore. Not an edge in sight.

    1. Great idea. I will try to get a comparison shot.



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