Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Liberty University on Self Defense

At Liberty University they apparently take safety seriously. The Lynchburg, VA Christian university recognizes the very rare, but very real threat posed by an active shooter on campus. They also recognize the fact that law-abiding armed citizens might be the first responders in such a situation. Armed faculty or students may indeed be the only ones on hand to defend themselves and others from serious injury or death.

This week, Liberty also posted details of their new campus gun policy. It's nice to see an institution of higher learning taking positive steps in creating a safe environment, and not passing "feel good" regulations that actually keep students and faculty less safe. Mass shooters are cowards by nature, and focus their evil on places where they know their intended victims are not armed.

The advice in the Liberty video is certainly more useful than resorting to attacking a shooter with canned soup or relying on "improvised" weapons.

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