Wednesday, September 21, 2016

So Much Stupid

Just when you think liberals can't get anymore ridiculous...

It's hard to imagine anyone reaching that level of stupid without serious drug abuse or inbreeding.

Perhaps Hayes is joining Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in being "grateful that nobody got hurt." 


  1. I'll note that the attacker (singular) did use explosives, not "tried to".

    Anyhow, at this point, I really wonder if any buys a pressure cooker for any legitimate purpose. Surely regulations on those devices are soon to follow. There's no legitimate reason to own one you know. . .maybe back in frontier days but now that cafes can feed everyone. . .

  2. Serious drug abuse, inbreeding, or being a liberal. And as a product of a small, isolated farming community where marrying within the gene pool was common I can tell you that inbreeding doesn't create that much stupid.

    1. Yea, just when I think the left can't get any more insane, another MSNBC staffer speaks.


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