Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Better Way To Halloween

Rather than spend the evening getting up repeatedly to answer the door bell for the trick or treaters, this year we set up the portable fire pit at the end of the driveway. With a supply of wood, candy, and some Blue Mountain K├Âlsch 151, we were ready for the hordes to descend.

The long driveways and spread out houses mean the kids arrive in groups, generally hauled in decorated utility trailers pulled behind cars. The ebb and flow of visitors meant we had a lot of time to sit quietly and enjoy the fire.

Once it got dark, we had three cars in a row drive by without stopping. Perhaps they thought we were merely sentries guarding the homestead. I set a lantern on the table with the candy bowl, and that seemed to allay any questions on whether we were "open" or not.

After a couple hours, the trick or treating stopped. We doused the lantern and watched the fire die down. It was, I thought, an exceptional way to spend an evening.

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