Saturday, November 12, 2016


The precious snowflakes have, quite appropriately, chosen a diaper pin as their symbol of unity. I'll rely on another sort of "safety pin."


  1. The safety pin IS a symbol of unity. A symbol that if someone is being bullied or harassed because of their ethnicity or their religious faith, then someone wearing that safety pin has their back. Are you saying you're in favor of attacking people because of who they are or what they believe? Because that is how this entry comes across. If that is how you believe, then you can go to Hell. I once swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, "foreign and domestic". People who attack my fellow Americans out of bigotry and hatred are just such domestic enemies of what this nation stands for and I will stand against them. And I will stand against you if you defend such assaults.

    1. Maybe I should have added a “Trigger Warning” tag.

      So much vitriol requires response. (Perhaps even a full post when there’s time.) I challenge you to point out ANYPLACE I encouraged "attacking people because of who they are or what they believe.” Sure, the humor in the post was taking advantage of no small amount of schadenfreude. The endless pictures of young people having hysterical breakdowns over the election, shows an emotional instability that is without precedence. (And frankly, worthy of mocking, as are their parents.) The safety pin is all about comforting those with hurt FEELINGS. The only violence we’ve seen are the acts of the "hurt feelings" crowd.

      The object pictured above points to a DEFENSE against oppression, against the violence of ongoing rioting, firebombing, physical attacks and destruction of property that is being perpetrated by the left against innocent people. It is the people committing those acts in response to a free election who are the domestic enemies of the Constitution. It is the thugs calling for rape and assassination to create their so-called ”safe space” who are the domestic enemies of the Constitution. I will stand against them at every turn.

      Telling someone to “go to Hell” is the retort of the person who has no other argument for his cause. Indeed, it’s an easy response when one is hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. A truly honorable and moral person would never wish such a fate on anyone, even their enemies.


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