Thursday, September 21, 2017

Indoor Range Trip

I was anxious to get back on the proverbial horse this week after some disappointing (and some good) shooting at last weekend's Commonwealth Cup match. I took an actual lunch break on Monday and drove up to the local indoor range. Entering the parking lot, I counted as many cars in the lot as they have range lanes, and quickly abandoned those plans. On Tuesday, I tried again with better results.

I was assigned the lane on the far end of the building. Some people I know don't like to shoot next to a wall, but to my way of thinking it means having only one side to watch for careless shooters, and it's easy to keep my brass. 

I was shooting the Compact P320 this trip. The session started with a 50 round "warm up" at 7 yards. After the warm up, I ran the 50 round Julie Golob drill at 10 yards on an IDPA target. Except for a leftward drift when speeding up, it was a good run. The final challenge of the Compact gun practice was 50 rounds fired at 15 yards. I had an excellent run going until I get impatient with the last magazine.

It's amazing what a little trigger time can do for one's mental state. It sure helped mine!

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