Thursday, September 14, 2017

That's Not Even Coffee

I found myself in the drive-thru lane buying overpriced chain coffee on a Saturday morning. I could overhear the driver in front of me ordering, "Doppio decaf espresso."

Huh? At first, I wasn't sure I heard correctly. Apparently neither did the barista, and she had the customer repeat his order.

In my opinion, decaf coffee is, by definition, not coffee. Decaf espresso to start your morning is even more non-sensical. And a double no less.


  1. Mom and Dad used to drink Sanka. Right up there with seeing people drinking, what was it, Zima (?) while sitting at the bar of our first microbrewery...

    1. I recall a time my mother made a pot of coffee and I saw her getting ready to throw it out. She said she added to much coffee and made it too strong. I stopped her and poured a vey large mug first. She preferred her coffee to be transparent. One of the few times I drank coffee while visiting my parents. Of course, they rarely drank coffee when visiting our house.


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