Tuesday, January 30, 2018

What's In A Name?

Observant visitors to these Musings may have noticed a change in the past couple of weeks to the title bar above. The earliest writings on the blog dealt mostly with craft beer, especially the burgeoning craft beer scene in Virginia in general and the Fredericksburg area specifically, hence the original name of the blog. Over time, other topics, including the shooting sports were mused upon with increasing frequency.

Over the years, I've considered adapting the "branding" to better reflect the content. There have been a number of complaints over the years from craft beer fans disapproving of my interests. Interestingly, I've received no complaints from fellow shooters over the beer, food or political commentary. In fact, while socializing at the range, it's not unusual at all for the conversations to veer towards the delights of fine ale.

In order to better encompass the topics at hand, the title of the blog has been changed to "Musings Over a Barrel." That update reflects both of the main topics of discussion here, and allows for future ruminations on other spirits as well. (Someday perhaps I'll also find a new header graphic.) Unfortunately, the complexities of Blogger and RSS feeds means that changing the base URL would come with the added effect of breaking the feeds of current subscribers, as well as web references. Eventually, I may sort that out, but for now the old URL remains.

However, the blog is simultaneously reachable via a new address: www.musingsoverabarrel.com. For those of you who so kindly link back to this site, I would be most appreciative if you would consider updating your links to Musing Over a Barrel, at the new address.


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