Monday, March 5, 2018

Consolation Range Trip

Despite missing out on this weekend's IDPA match, I was able to get in some quality trigger time this weekend. On Sunday, Colleen and I headed down to the Winding Brook Range. My range bag was already packed, I sort of felt obligated to take it out. :-)

I started out shooting at a moderate pace at 7 yards, and worked my way out to 10 and 15 yards with the first box of ammo. I also worked with the timed exposure target to practice getting the gun on target quickly. That was all done from low ready, but one of these days I'll take the time to get holster qualified at the range.

Since I'll be shooting the annual Virginia Indoor Regional IDPA match in April I figured I'd better brush up on holding the flashlight while shooting. I expended a few mags doing that, but I definitely need more practice over the next couple months.

Feeling pretty good about the shooting so far, the practice session was concluded with 50 rounds of slow fire at 15 yards. I was relieved when I reeled the target in and saw only six shots outside the -0 zone.

Colleen and I opted to not wait for adjoining lanes to open, so this time we didn't shoot "together." We did enjoy a pleasant, sunny drive home on the secondary road, avoiding the madness (and backups) of the interstate. After the power failures and cancelled plans of the past few days, this was a most pleasant way to finish the weekend.

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