Thursday, December 24, 2020

Taking Advantage of a Warm Winter Day

It seems the longest vacation I take each year falls in the winter. It's always a "stay-cation" but still the short wet, cold days can limit fun activities. That's why when the temperature crept up to 50° on the eve of Christmas Eve, I took advantage of it. 

Perhaps it was apropos that both the cigar and beer selected were reminiscent of vacations at the beach. The Tabernacle is a smoke that has accompanied me to the beach often. Likewise, the Lost Colony Hatteras Red is a favorite of Outer Banks vacations

There was an intermittent cool breeze and the sun was fleeting, so despite the warmer temperature, I did decide to activate the propane heater. Nonetheless, it was an exceptionally enjoyable passage of time. Adding to the pleasure was the noticeable lack of power equipment running in the distance. Perhaps the neighbors were too busy with last minute holiday preparations to do any yard work.

While the beer lasted only a short time, I smoked the cigar down to the very end. The days to follow are expected to bring a return to more typical winter weather. There's little doubt there will still be tasty beverages and smokes to be enjoyed, it will just require more bundling up for the outdoor portion.

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