Thursday, October 29, 2020

Hatteras Red Ale & CAO Pilón

Lost Colony Brewing Hatteras Red is a tasty Irish Red Ale from the Manteo, NC brewery. I've enjoyed it in the past at the brewery during visits to the Outer Banks, but this time I grabbed cans to go from a local shop. Poured into a beach-friendly plastic cup, the ale has a deep ruby red color. It features a sweet caramel malt backbone with mild roasted notes. A tease of bitter hops completes the profile. A nearly sessionable 4.9% ABV makes it perfect for an afternoon of easy drinking.

The afternoon's cigar was the CAO Pilón. The complex flavor profile of cocoa, espresso, nuts, and cedar meshed well with the sweet and toasted notes of the red ale. This stick didn't seem as tightly packed and slow burning as a previous sample, and the smoke lasted about an hour. That was more than enough time to enjoy a few cans of the low ABV beer.

This pairing made for a delightful repast as we rested after a day of sightseeing. Even reminiscing about it now relaxes the mind. Better yet, I think I brought a few cans home from the trip as well!

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