Saturday, October 10, 2020

CAO Pilón and 1792 Small Batch

I swear the last week lasted 10 days. On Friday, I finally had a chance to sit and relax with a drink and a cigar. And more importantly, sit for a couple of undistracted hours and chat with Colleen. It was the first real down time we've had since last Friday.

I grabbed a CAO Pilón from the humidor. I had never tried this one, and figured the smallish 5 x 52 Robusto would allow time for a followup smoke. (I was wrong.) Scanning the whiskey cabinet, I opted for a long-ignored bottle of 1792 Small Batch Bourbon.

CAO Pilón is a newer release from CAO. The name Pilón comes from a traditional fermentation method of arranging tobacco leaves in circular pattern into a round pile called a pilón. The process ferments the tobacco at a slower rate than the modern, large rectangular stacks, and is said to enhance the resulting flavor. CAO employed this technique in producing the Pilón cigars. 

The cigar was very densely packed. After cutting the cap, the end appeared almost a solid mass of tobacco, and the draw was quite tight. After lighting, and smoking for about 10 minutes the draw loosened  though it remained moderately snug the entire smoke. The flavor profile was complex, with notes of creamy cocoa, espresso, nuts, and cedar. There was a touch of pepper which built as the smoke progressed but never took the forefront. The burn was razor straight the entire length of the cigar. I did have to relight the stick twice, but that was more my fault for engaging in talk and not puffing. Amazingly, the cigar lasted a full two hours before it was too short to hold, but the smoke was never hot.

1792 Bourbon is a flavorful, and inexpensive bourbon. It's a high rye bourbon which adds a touch of spice to the flavor. The overall flavor profile is moderately strong with oak, caramel, and vanilla. The finish is dry, leaving the palate ready for another sip. I had forgotten how much I enjoy this bourbon.

I was very pleased with the Pilón. I'm looking forward to smoking the others I have. The pairing of the CAO Pilón and 1792 Bourbon hit the spot. I'd rank the combo as one of the best I've had of late. That said, I will still enjoy exploring many other combos in the future.

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