Monday, July 10, 2023

An Easy End to Vacation

The end of vacation is bittersweet. The thought of going back to the daily grind haunts me at the end. But at the same time, I look forward to eating normally, sleeping in my own bed, and after this trip, enjoying a cigar. We spent the week at a horticultural convention, enjoying conversations and lectures from enthusiasts and jungle-traveling botanists. It was a homecoming of sorts, as it's a world we were very involved in a couple decades ago. We saw many old friends and met new ones. 

But it was also a busy week in a hotel, with events from dawn to late, with no time or place to enjoy a cigar. After spending a lot of Sunday processing all the new acquisitions to our collection, it was finally time to relax with a smoke. I grabbed one of the cigars that had spent the week in the unopened travel humidor I had brought along, Powstanie Habano in the Corona Gorda vitola.

I've mentioned this new vitola for the Powstanie core line previously. Like the Broadleaf version, I find the Habano in Corona Gorda is the near perfect size for a relaxing 60 -75 minute smoke. Larger than a Robusto, but not quite a Toro.

The after dinner smoke provided the perfect transition moment from vacation to work. The cigar was pleasurable as a I contemplated the work week to come, as well as the grass in the yard in desperate need of mowing.


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