Friday, July 28, 2023

I Got In Some Range Time

After last weekend's disappointing performance at the Cavalier IDPA match, I was anxious to get to the range and sort out some issues. To that end, I was able to get in some quality trigger time.

It was a sunny and warm day as I raised the red range flag to claim my spot. The smaller of the two pistol bays was occupied so I ended up in the larger, but less muddy bay. This bay is wide and deep, but is mostly grass over the gravel which makes finding brass difficult. 

I started out shooting at 10 yards, with the usual mix of body only shots, head shots, and body/head transition pairs, all in sets of 10. I wasn't seeing shots go wide left, but did notice a few starting to drift to the left side of the -0 circle. I put all my focus on that front sight, and also concentrated on my support hand grip. I could see how I was possibly getting a bit sloppy there. and dropping focus as the trigger was pulled. I put up a fresh target and stepped back to 15 hards to repeat the same drills. Again good results, though a few shots were wide or low, but overall satisfactory. 

I decided to test my concentration further by next shooting from 20 yards. I still had a used target up, but was really only concerned with any hits outside the -0 zone. To my delight, no wayward left shots. Of thirty rounds fired, mostly pairs from the draw, 6 fell outside the -0, and those were center but low. I was happy to see better results.

I also forced myself to do some strong hand only shooting. I've been working on that just about every range trip as it comes up frequently in matches. I did not try support hand shooting this time.

About midway through my practice session, a truck pulled up as I was reloading magazines. I figured I'd give up the range for the new arrival. Then I saw the range officer badge, and immediately wondered what I had done wrong! I had heard the person in the other bay shooting faster, with longer strings of fire than I had been doing. It didn't seem overly fast to me, but there's no actual defined standard. Then I realized this was that same person. Well, the rules do state that the definition of rapid fire is up to the range officer on duty. Turns out the gentleman just wanted to chat. We did so for awhile, which gave me a short break anyway.

As I often state, range practice can help, but is no indicator of match performance. I need walls, barrels, and other obstacles, as well as movement. All forbidden here. Nonetheless, I'll hopefully get back to the range another time or two before the next match. Knowing that the capability is still there can only be a boost. Some regular practice can't hurt either.



  1. Next time I go to the range for pistol work, I plan on working on my weak hand and weak hand only (simulating what happened to the dude that survived Kyle Rittenhouse) shooting, including reloads.

    1. The stuff that isn’t fun to practice is often the most beneficial.



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