Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Espresso and Eiroa

A lazy afternoon calls for an elegant cigar and a double espresso. As has been mentioned recently, I've become more enamored with the Lancero cigar vitola of late. The long and slender cigars offer a bit of elegance, and generally a little extra kick in the flavor. Recently I was shopping online looking at different Lancero offerings and came upon the Eiroa Lancero.

The Eiroa Lancero measures 7" x 38 and comes packaged in a tissue paper wrapper hiding most of the cigar. I know it's a marketing thing, but these coverings seem superfluous and serve to mask the natural beauty of the cigar wrapper. But, my forte is not marketing, so what do I know? The Honduran puro has a reddish brown wrapper that features a tiny pigtail on the cap, which I didn't notice until I was cutting it off.

The draw was looser than I prefer. The cigar had a habit of going out with a slightest bit of inattention and I ended up relighting several time. The first few puffs were surprisingly spicy, with the pepper initially shocking my throat and sinuses. A creamy nuttiness joined the mix to buffer the spice a bit. It remained a strongly flavored smoke throughout with an edge of bitterness.

Despite, or maybe because of, the bitter aspect of the cigar, it had no issues standing up the (desired) bitterness of the espresso. I don't add sugar usually to espresso, preferring the strong bitter flavor to the sweet. The treat was a pleasant way to pass a relaxing afternoon.


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