Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Casa 1910 Revolutionary Edition Cuchillo Parado

I've smoked many cigars that sport a Mexican San Andrés wrapper. It's a widely popular leaf and one of my favorites. I've also seen cigars that use Mexican leaves as an ingredient. However, I don't recall smoking an all-Mexican leaf cigar. I was very interested in trying out the Casa 1910 Revolutionary Edition I received as part of a My Cigar Pack monthly shipment. 

The Casa 1910 Revolutionary Edition line boasts a San Andrés Sumatra wrapper, with San Andrés grown tobaccos also making up the binder and filler. The wrapper was aged for five years and the rolled cigar then aged for five to six months. The stick smoked was a 5 x 50 vitola, which Casa 1910 calls Cuchillo Parado. The Casa 1910 cigar company takes its name from the year of the Mexican Revolution. 

The cigar is a dark tan color, oily and a bit rough in places. I noted an interesting wet straw aroma that was not unpleasant but it gave me pause. Upon lighting I was hit with a rush of pepper along with some woody smoke and bread flavors. As the smoke progresses the peppery spice remains, and I begin to pick up some sweeter cream notes that moderated the sharpness. I was admiring the seemingly solid ash when it suddenly dropped, which happened to me several times. Near the end of the smoke, the flavors took on more a bitter aspect which was layered over the peppery, smoke, and sweetness. 

Overall, I enjoyed the Casa 1910 Revolutionary Edition Cuchillo Parado quite a bit. The end minutes of the hour long smoke were not as pleasant, but did not inspire me to end it early. I was sipping only water as I smoked and read. I had the thought that I'd like to try the cigar with some bourbon as well. As it turns out, My Cigar Pack, without explanation when asked, shipped my June mailing twice. So I do have another one to smoke in the future. (Despite this unintended benefit, the double shipping, and the subsequent double charge, led me to cancel that particular subscription.)


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