Tuesday, August 22, 2023

When There's Cigar Lounge at the Brewery

It's been quite a while since I spent an evening sipping good beer and enjoying a cigar at the Olde Towne Tobacconist lounge located onsite at 1781 Brewery and Wilderness Run Vineyards. Having beer, wine, and cigars all in one spot makes an excellent outing, but still I most often enjoy my cigars in the convenience of my home. It makes partaking in a few drinks easier as well. I did venture out on a recent weekend evening for a change of scenery.

I enjoy the beers at 1781, especially their porters, dunkleweizens, and stouts. They are well-done, fresh, and pair up very well with cigars. On this evening I selected the Belsnickel Dunkleweizen. This is a low, 4.7% ABV dark wheat beer. The bready wheat and malt flavor has a good balance of sweet and bitter that pairs well with a cigar.

Speaking of old friends, as I was perusing the walk-in humidor I spied a box of La Flor Dominica La Box. I haven't smoked on of these in several years. The La Now is a 6 1/2 x 50 toro with a very dark, oily Brazilian wrapper. Under the beautiful wrapper lies a Mexican San Andrés binder and Dominican fillers. The flavor profile is rich with cocoa, espresso, and sweet nuts. While there's a strong bitter espresso component, it's balanced with a creamy sweetness. It's a full bodied and robust cigar. 

The La Nox and the Belsnickel paired very well. The cool mid 70° temperature, clear night, and friendly conversations added to the fun. Hopefully, there will be more such outings as we move into fall weather in the next couple months.


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