Friday, August 4, 2023

Weekly Range Practice

After a period of wildfire smoke filled skies, which was followed by days of high temperatures, we've finally enjoyed a few days of temperatures in the low to mid 80's. That made this week's practice outing at the range all the more pleasant.

Tbe setup looked much the same as previously, but the drills were directed a bit differently. I started right off shooting from 15 yards. Hanging both an IDPA practice target and the color and shapes target, I started out shooting a series of single and double shots to the center -0 zone. The focus was on acquiring sights quickly with minimal gun adjustment and bouncing. Then repeat the same routine using the slightly small diamond and square shapes. All strings started from the draw. I shot accurately, but still desire to make less correction when acquiring that first sight picture.

Following that fresh paper was hung and the two targets were spread further apart in order to practice transitions. Several magazines were expended going from a smaller color zone on the first target over to the IDPA. I then reversed the process going from the larger -0 zone to a smaller spot on the other paper. Body to head transitions on the IDPA target followed. Trying to repeat some bits often seen in matches, double shots to the head were worked on.

Remembering I just have to "do it," I finished the practice with SHO and WHO shooting.

It felt good to do more directed skill-building drills, within the context of the two-shot range restrictions. I have a notebook of nearly 100 different pistol skill building drills that I will look through for more ideas too add more variety.

I've been fortunate to have been able to get out to the range to practice regulate the past couple months. After months of few matches, and no practice, I was seeing the effects. Just shooting with some regularity benefits both the act of shooting and increases the motivation to do it even more. That all leads to enjoying more.


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