Thursday, August 17, 2023

George Remus Bourbon

Once every month or two, I join some friends to travel into Maryland to shoot an IDPA match. Afterwards we shop for distilled beverages, and enjoy a lunch somewhere. We've shopped at the same liquor store for for the past decade or so. We enjoyed a good relationship with the owner, who would order special requests, and even gift glassware occasionally. The store had a small but interesting and varying bourbon selection, and most of the time I found bourbons I couldn't find in Virginia, or bottles at a lower price. The establishment has since changed ownership, and the new staff is not as knowledgeable about bourbon, but we still stop by to look for new goodies.

Even if I don't find anything especially exciting, I'll pick up a bottle of something different, to maintain or build on the relationship. Often these purchases are of bottles I am unfamiliar with but look interesting. Such was the case with this George Remus Bourbon recently acquired.

George Remus is the "house" brand for Midwest Grain Products in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. MGP is a producer of distillate and aged whiskey that is provided to dozens of non-distilling producers, both large and small. Many popular brands source their whiskey from MGP which they then blend and finish for their own labels. Obviously MGP does it right, or it wouldn't be such a popular and consistent source for so many brands. They seem to be especially prevalent as a rye whiskey source. 

George Remus Bourbon is a blend of high rye bourbons aged at least four years, and bottled at 94 proof. The deep amber liquid gives aromas of vanilla, cherry, and caramel. It's mild but pleasant. Sipping reveals more of the same, with the addition of more baking spices indicative of the high rye content. The rye spice lingers late in the finish, and even seems to build afterwards. The flavor was never hot, and vanilla and spice hangs around until the next sip.

I found this to be quite an enjoyable bourbon. It's flavorful, easy to drink neat, but I also believe it will work very well for cooking and cocktails as well.


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