Sunday, February 10, 2008

Expansion Hints from Blue & Gray Brewing

The latest email newsletter from Blue & Gray Brewing contains an exciting bit of information regarding future plans. Jeff Fitzpatrick talks about the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day event at the brewery, and then throws this out:
Big Brewery news
This may be the last year our St. Patrick’s Day event will be held at this venue. Our landlord is imposing restrictions on our ability to tent the street in front of the brewery such that the Oktoberfest (an event 3 times the scope) will be impossible. We have our eyes on a new brewery site that is much more accommodating in several ways. We’ll keep you posted on the plans to move and co-locate a pub on the new brewery site.

The craft beer scene in Fredericksburg continues to evolve and grow. Let's hope these plans come to fruition. If you've been to any of the outdoor events at the brewery, you know how constraining the venue is. Trying to keep all the activity and people restricted to the area directly in front of the brewery can be a challange. The inside of the brewery isn't that expansive either. Tastings are done while standing at a small counter. A proper seating area would make for an enjoyable sampling of Blue & Gray's beers. I'll see if Jeff has anything else to share when I visit the brewery this week.

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