Thursday, November 6, 2008

Devils Backbone to Open November 21

I received word from Jason Oliver that the Devils Backbone Brewing Company will open for business on Friday, November 21. Readers will recall that Jason left Gordon Biersch Brewery in D.C. back in May to open a brewery in Nelson County. Jason sent along a list of the first eight beers he currently has in the fermentation tanks at the new brewpub:
  • Eight Point IPA - An American-style IPA, 14 plato 60+ IBU's, hopped with Willamette, Columbus, Cascade, and Amarillo hops.
  • Wintergreen Weiss - Bavarian-style hefeweizen. 11.8 plato 12 IBU's
  • Black Rock Oatmeal Stout - English-style oatmeal stout, 11.5 Plato 20 IBU's. Brewed with English malts and fermented with a multiple yeast strain.
  • Vienna Lager - A Vienna-style amber lager. 12 plato 18 IBU's. Brewed with Vienna, Munich, and other German malt for an authentic flavor.
  • Five Apostles Saison - A Belgian-style saison. 14 plato 22 IBU's. Brewed with all Saaz hops, brewing sugar, Belgian yeast strain, and French aromatic malt for a complex traditional version of the style.
  • Gold Leaf Lager - Bavarian Helles-style lager. 11 plato 18 IBU's. Traditional German brewing techniques and cold fermentation should provide this beer with a clean subtle character.
  • Ale of Fergus - Scottish 60 Schilling, 10 plato 20 IBU's. Traditional Scottish-style session beer. Brewed with imported Scottish malts, multiple yeast strain and Fuggle hops for a traditional flavor in this low gravity brown hued ale.
  • Spike - American session beer, 11 plato 40 IBU's. American hops and a low gravity make for an American interpretation of a session beer.

The brewery is getting off the ground with a well-rounded selection of beers and I look forward to visiting very soon. Devils Backbone will be another great addition to the burgeoning beer scene in Virginia.

See the Devils Backbone website for details and directions.

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  1. Very nice. I've already requested the day off of work and it looks like a fairly impressive offering to start.


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