Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Old Dominion Brewery - "Virginians in Name Only"

In today's Washington Post, Greg Kitsock writes about the upcoming changes at Old Dominion Brewery. I thought the title of the article "Virginians in Name Only" was thought-provoking. Although I understand the business reasons for the move, and have every expectation to still enjoy the beer in the future, the name "Old Dominion" does suddenly seem a bit disingenuous. Does this old Virginia brewery become the Häagen-Dazs of beer?

However, my favorite part of the article is a quote from former owner Jerry Bailey. Mr. Bailey has been the recipient of a lot of undeserved criticism and I think this puts things in perspective:
Jerry Bailey, who still holds the title of president of Old Dominion but had no voice in the decision to close the brewery, doubts he will be there to pay his last respects. "It was a piece of me for so long, it was almost like being in my own living room. But now, I'd feel like I was trespassing."

Read the entire Washington Post article here.

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