Friday, April 10, 2009

Blue & Gray Brewery Move Update

The long-awaited expansion of Blue & Gray Brewing, complete with brewpub, is taking shape. Jeff Fitzpatrick sent this update today:
We look forward to serving you at the new brewery/brewpub location. In the next 2 months we hope to be in full brewery production next door in the building where the St. Patrick's Day and Oktoberfest celebrations are held. Pub opening will be somewhat later.

If all goes according to plan (Ha!) we will be out of beer production for 10 days or less. This will mean we may be out-of-stock of one or two flavors of beer for a week or two until we can catch up.

This is our "Before" photo of our new home. Please stay up-to-date on our move by our "brewery move" link or on FACEBOOK

Happy Easter,

Jeffery Fitzpatrick
Blue & Gray Brewing Co.

Exciting news on the ever-expanding local craft beer scene. Be sure to show your support by becoming a fan of the brewery's Facebook page. And don't forget, April 15th is tax-free beer day at Blue & Gray.

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