Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Virginia Breweries Featured in International Restaurant Magazine

Food & Beverage Business is a new magazine from Leonardo Publishing that focuses on "market analysis, interviews with industry leaders and reviews of the most innovative restaurants around the world. There are also interviews with world famous chefs, restaurant owners and sommeliers." The premier issue features an article on Devils Backbone Brewing in Nelson County. The six-page article includes color photography of the brewery and restaurant. A sidebar article also talks about Blue Mountain and Starr Hill breweries.

Restaurateurs around the world will soon be reading about these fine Virginia breweries. That's good for Virginia and craft beer in general.

Read the entire "The Devil is in the Brew" article here.

Hat tip to Nelson County Life for this news.


  1. Interesting read, however, I wonder who this AmBev company are that apparently bought AB. Silly me thought it was InBev that bought them.


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