Monday, July 13, 2009

Virginia Brewing Company, not quite dead after all

Recently I reported on the demise of the Virginia Brewing Company. After several false starts, all indications were that VBC would not be opening as planned. However, like the mythical Phoenix, it appears that VBC lives on. I received updated news today from owner Jim Justice. Jim tells me "Virginia Brewing Company is not dead." He is now the sole owner of the company. The bar/restaurant reported on previously has been spun off as a separate company, with a different owner. Jim says his plan now is to open only the brewery, with perhaps a tasting room and tours in the future. Currently the majority of the equipment and facility are in place and he is soliciting bids to complete the installation of the 20bbl DME brewhouse.

The Virginia Brewing Company saga has been an interesting one to say the least. Let's hope things work out and we soon see yet another Virginia brewery producing beer for local fans.

UPDATE: This post gets a lot of hits from Google, so I felt an update was in order. This Virginia Brewing Company is dead, finished, nada, ain't happening.  Oh well.


  1. Some friends and I are doing a brewery tour of I-81 Virginia. Is this place open?


  2. Mike,

    No it is not. "Dead" indeed appears to be the current status.

  3. does anyone know how to get a hold of the VBC folks? Thanks Joseph Scholz, grandson of the original brewer?

  4. Sorry, haven't had any contact with them in some time.

  5. Do you know of any craft brewers/breweries in Winchester proper? I know of some regional brewers (I.e. Mountaineer, lost river)...but having trouble finding one in city limits...your help is appreciated...

  6. Just checking in to say hi on behalf of the Virginia Brewing Company. The VBC legal entity remains intact. The effort at Winchester did not succeed in large part because of the recession and commercial real estate collapse. What remains of that effort is now located in Warren County VA where I am developing a farm based brewing operation. The spirit still remains and while broke, the VBC is not broken. Thanks to all who supported and encouraged the initiative in Winchester. Regards, Jim Justice, Virginia Brewing Company, LLC.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jim. Good luck with your endeavor.


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