Friday, September 4, 2009

Special Tastings at Blue & Gray This Weekend

Over at the Blue & Gray Brewery this weekend, you will have the opportunity to get a preview of this year's Octoberfest beer. The brewery opens an hour early today for tasting (at 2pm) and stays open an hour later on Saturday (until 2pm.) Free samples only, no sales yet. The Oktoberfest beer will be officially tapped during the keg tapping ceremony on September 25th at 7pm during the Octoberfest celebration. At that time it will be available by the glass, growler, and keg.

During the recent move to new quarters, the brewery sold "unfiltered" Classic Lager while they reassembled their piping, and received rave reviews. The beer is slightly richer and more full bodied because it still has a lot of the "good stuff" (proteins) suspended in the beer. Unfiltered beer may be a little more hazy than what you are used to, but the flavor is the same, or better. Blue & Gray decided they would occasionally make the unfiltered beer available for sale. This weekend, they will be offered tastings and growler sales of a "young" Falmouth Pale Ale. Jeff describes it as having a "real citrus-like aroma, like grapefruit juice, and is cloudy with suspended proteins and yeast." Might be worth dropping by for a growler of this one.

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