Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blue & Gray St. Patrick's Day Parade and Celebration This Weekend

The 8th annual St. Patrick's day parade at the Blue & Gray Brewery will be held on Saturday, March 13. There is a full day of events planned. The parade starts at noon on Saturday, March 13, through the Bowman Center. Irish entertainment will take place at the brewery from 11:00AM - 3:00PM.  The Rappahannock Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society will be giving rides on historic rail cars on nearby tracks starting at 11:00.

Beer by the glass and food will be available for purchase. Homemade soda and hot dogs for kids too!

Like all Blue & Gray events, the St. Patrick's Day celebration is family-friendly. This is a always a fun day and I look forward to seeing you there and enjoying some fresh, local beer.

Pictures from previous years are here and here.


  1. Nothing quite celebrating a Scottish born saint (latest theory is that he was born near Glasgow)! Seriously though, I wonder why so many people tend to forget the symbolism of the tricolour, green for the Catholics, Orange for the Protestants and white for peace and unity between them - would be a good message to send out this St Patrick's Day.

  2. Al, I would say it's more green for the nationalists (who happen to be mostly Catholic, but certainly not all) and orange tradition (which happens to be mostly Protestant, pretty much all I guess :D) to keep it political rather than religious. I still can't stand it when a German asks me is Ireland the place where Catholics and Protestants fight each other, as this is the simplification that got put in the news a lot. I always have to tell them no, that was Northern Ireland, it was a lot more complex than that and only in a few locations where's the lunatics got free reign. Of course it's all great now that peace broke out up there :) But I digress!

    I'll have to arrange my own St. Paddy's Day celebrations here in Muenster. I'd almost forgotten about it. No idea how to go about it though, but it certainly won't involve green beer! :D

  3. Barry, I know what you are saying, though I wonder how many people outside the island of Ireland know about the existence of protestant nationalists and catholic unionists?


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