Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Did the U.S. lose some States?

There are many challenges facing our Nation these days. We see divisiveness all around us. While dining out recently I thought that maybe these United States had become less "united."

I was startled by the listings under "Imported" on the restaurant's beverage menu. Blue Moon? That's from the Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado. Sam Adams and Sam Adams Lite? Those are brewed by the Boston Beer Company in Boston, Massachusetts. After checking both my atlas and CNN, I was relieved to find no evidence of any coup or civil war that might have divided the Country. Indeed both Colorado and Massachusetts are still part of the United States, still domestic.


  1. I once ordered a Yuengling during happy hour since "domestics" were half price. They told me that it wasn't a domestic. I explained geography to them (we were literally 18 miles from the brewery in Pottsville). They said that it was a "specialty beer", but there was no restrictions on what "domestic" was. (This was after two hours and 5 people drinking Yuengling.) The manager understood, especially since the waiter didnt say anything initially to us, and gave us the discount. Next week, the sign was corrected. (Sure, I was a PITA, but it was the difference of $25.)

  2. And then, there's the "New Castel." Has the UK ceded Newcastle on Tyne to Spain for some much needed hard currency?

  3. Good one Tom.

    I should state, for the record, that despite the abysmal beer menu, the restaurant serves some durn good middle eastern fare. Perhaps there's a review coming in the future.


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