Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good News for Norm's

After fans of Norm's Beer and Wine got word of the possible shutdown of their favorite craft beer store, they began a grassroots campaign to save the store. Apparently, the target of their wrath is listening. Fresh Market, who was given a non-compete clause that would shutter Norm's, issued the following statement:
"As we have learned more about the Vienna community it has become apparent that Norm's Beer & Wine is an integral part of the fabric of Vienna. We will work with Norm so that he can continue to serve his patrons from his existing location. We look forward to being neighbors with Norm's Beer & Wine and together serving the residents of Vienna for many years to come."
That's good news. While it remains to be seen exactly what the agreement will entail, it certainly appears that Fresh Market has heard the voices of Norm's fans.

The Vienna Patch has the complete story here.

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