Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's Not Just "The Economy"

Exit polls indicated that 60 percent of voters say that the economy was the top issue in this presidential election. Sadly that is a very near-sighted and selfish view of the issues. I suspect that by "economy," what they really mean is they want the government to give them more free stuff. Their only concern is how much the government will provide with little effort on their own part. You don't have to look long to find the leeches jumping for joy over "obama phones" or free gas for their cars, or demanding that someone else to give them free contraceptives so they can sleep around and take no responsibility for their actions.

But the real issues that face Americans are those of basic freedoms, the ones granted by our Creator, and reaffirmed by our Constitution. This administration has led efforts to restrict, or even remove, the rights of a free people, including the two most basic rights granted by natural law, the freedom of religion and the right of self defense. The president has stated many times his desire to negate the 2nd Amendment. His supporters deny he has such plans, despite his own words to the contrary. Even before the votes were fully tallied, his comrades were making their plans on multiple fronts. Evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, power-hungry politicians continue to sell a lie that criminals will obey gun laws. They are supported in their motives by the short-sighted, sheepish, ignorant masses.

It's no coincidence that throughout history, those rulers who have disarmed their unwilling subjects typically also worked hard to remove religion from the lives of the people they oppressed. This president's hatred of the Catholic Church and the morals she teaches is well-known. The rights enumerated in the First Amendment, freedom of religion and freedom of speech, are deeply feared and despised by those plotting evil, and must be limited if corrupt powers are to maintain control.

This administration has fought to limit or remove the rights of the honest citizens of this county in order to advance its own selfish power hungry motives, and to reward those who assist in the corruption of the land. At no time in history has the restrictive government as espoused by Obama and comrades ever benefited a population in the long term. This fact was willfully ignored by voters this week in order to selfishly support their own short term "economy." As repeated so many times in the past, a citizenry marches towards slavery and oppression in a naive search for a "greater good."

This quote, found here, sums up quite succinctly the unrestrained attack on freedom that we can expect thanks to the actions of a people who refuse to look beyond their own immediate and selfish desires,
If you are a Christian, an observant Jew, a "conservative," a libertarian, a firearm owner, a veteran, a businessman -- you are all now officially a despised -- if not yet hunted -- minority in your own country. The lawbreakers, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, et. al., now define what is "legal" and can no longer be restrained by politics.

The "winners" now gloat over the loss suffered by those of us who opposed them in the campaign. However, what has been lost goes well beyond mere votes in an election. The loss of freedom to come will affect us all. Those now celebrating do not yet realize what they have wrought, that they too have lost. Not yet.

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  1. Yes, I keep saying, they know not what they have done. They have no clue that all this free stuff goes away for everyone when the money runs out. All us hard working folks eventually are gonna run out of money paying for their health car, gas, phones, food stamps etc....then what?? Yeah, didn't think that all the way through,mbut hey get it while you can by all means.

  2. Not only does the free stuff run out, but at some point THEIR rights get impinged on as well. At which point it won't seem like such a good idea.

  3. Sadly, the realization of what they have chosen won't come until it's too late. Then they'll come crying to those of us who were prepared, looking for help. No sympathy will be found.

  4. Actually, it's this sort of barley comprehensible lecturing nonsense, and complete lack of self examination in defeat, that is symptomatic of why the right is losing America.


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