Friday, November 9, 2012

The Lobster, Waterville, Ireland

During our day-long drive around Ring of Kerry in Ireland, we stopped for lunch in Waterville at The Lobster. A lobster raising a pint of Guinness on the front of the bright yellow and red building drew us in. As we entered the restaurant my son looked at the menu on the window and exclaimed "Fish and Chips!" Thinking back, I don't recall ever looking at the rest of the pub's menu; Fish & Chips and a Guinness was an easy choice.

That's a fine looking, and tasting, meal.
After ordering my meal, I spent some time walking around the pub and peeking in corners. One thing I noticed about the old pubs we visited is they are often comprised of many small rooms, rather than one large open area. It gives a more homey, friendly atmosphere I believe. I wandered down one hall and found the cold storage room, and grabbed a photo of the interesting sign on the door. When I returned, my draft was ready and waiting for me.

Cold Storage

Helpful Instructions

BTW, if you're looking for a change, The Lobster is apparently for sale. Thinking, thinking...


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