Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day On The Range

Colleen and I decided to take a chance on the range crowd to do some Father's Day shooting. I packed up the new clay targets stands and the shotgun, in addition to the pistol gear. We set up the stands and spent about 30 minutes busting clays. Although the stands were an impulse purchase, they proved to be handy, and a lot of fun. They were easy to move around to different places. I think I'll pick up a few more in the future to expand the course of fire.

We went through several boxes of shells before moving over to a now open pistol range. Setting up a couple targets we spent the rest of the time putting holes in cardboard. I didn't really work on any specific drills, it was just fun to be outside and shooting with Colleen. (Okay, I did work a bit on my neglected strong-hand shooting, but that's it. Well, and weak-hand shooting. And a few heads shots. But that's all. The rest was just fun plinking, I swear.) After a few hundred rounds we packed up and headed home, just as it started to rain. Perfect timing.

The rain was short-lived and had stopped by time we got home. Father's Day concluded with opening a couple of good beers and grilling burgers for dinner. Surprised? It was a perfect ending to a fun weekend. 

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