Monday, January 19, 2015

Fidelis 1775 Ale

This bottle of 1775 Ale was a gift from a friend this Christmas season. I enjoyed it recently on a late, cool evening. It was a perfect fit for the occasion. The beer pours a deep copper color topped with a persistent beige head. The strong aroma is caramel and sweet malt.

The flavor is rich with malt and a touch of dark fruit. It's well-balanced and not overly sweet, with just a hint of bitterness at the end. It's smooth, with a somewhat creamy mouthfeel. At a "moderate" 7% ABV, I could have had another easily. This Old Ale style beer is said to be reminiscent of the beer the Marines would have enjoyed at Tun Tavern in 1775. Those Marines surely enjoyed the ale of the day, and I enjoyed the 1775 Ale very much.

Fidelis Beer Company is a relatively new company from Burke, VA. Founded by a U.S. Marine, the business has good beer and community at its core.
At Fidelis, our mission is to produce world-class beers to benefit world-class causes. “Fidelis,” Latin for “faithful” summarizes our core values in one word. Fidelis Beer Company strives to serve a larger purpose than just beer. We seek to benefit our community, our people, our business partners, and our society in everything that we do.

Proceeds of 1775 Ale are donated to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, which is all the more reason to drink it. I believe this is just the second beer from the brewery, the first was a Saison or Farmhouse Ale. A Saison, followed by an Old Ale; definitely not your every day styles. After enjoying the 1775, I'll seek out the brewery's flagship Saison too. Good beer and good causes — more than sufficient reason to enjoy the beers of Fidelus Beer Company.

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