Saturday, July 15, 2023

Another Quick Range Trip

I managed to get a late morning escape to the range on Friday. I typically try for mid-week outings, but it didn't work out this week. I timed it just right since as soon as I parked a stream of cars drove in -- 5 minutes later and I would have been shut out.

My plan for the morning was simple draw and shoot -- as required by the range rules. But figured I might as well work on getting that shot, or two, off quickly. I also wanted to try out the new Talon Grips I had put on the gun. The rubber Talon grip previously in place was getting worn and ineffective when my hands were very sweaty at the last match. This time I went with their Pro version which combines the more aggressive granulate texture with the rubber. It seems very secure, but not overly uncomfortable. We'll see next time the match conditions create a suitable test.

My first 60 rounds were done at the 15 yard line. Draw and shoot one or two carefully aimed shots. Repeat. And repeat again. Everything else was shot from 10 yards, drawing and getting off two accurate shots as quickly as possible. Sadly, my shot timer has died so I couldn't take advantage of the random beep start nor record any times. Body only, head only, and body to head transitions, repeated five times for each drill. On the bright side, I fully called those two missed heads shots when they happened.

I finished the quick session with some 10 yard strong hand only shots, followed by support hand only from seven. I wasn't quite as successful as last time, but still hitting about 80% -0 for each while shooting quickly.

Time was limited so I called it a day. Barely had time to break a sweat but it was still enjoyable and a welcome break.


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